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Patients demand health care technology innovations

At Sozo Design, we have experience developing medical technology for our clients. 

For example, we created the SightSure for MEDevices. This tool was meant to monitor the operation of double lumen nasogastric tubes, which are used to suck fluid from the stomach without damaging gastric lining. In addition, we designed the PowerSuite for Coherent Medical Group, which is a 20W holmium laser meant for lithotripsy and soft tissue procedures.

The reason we do so much work for clients in the medical industry is because that is one area where innovation is in the most demand.

According to a recent survey by Intel that included 12,000 people ages 18 and older, the vast majority are looking for new, innovative health care solutions. Seventy-two percent said that they would see a doctor over a video conference for routine appointments, while 70 percent said that they would be willing to provide that doctor with personal data gleaned from toilet sensors, swallowed monitors or prescription bottle sensors. 

In fact, the vast majority of respondents seemed to have no problem with revealing their health information if it meant that they could benefit in some way. Eighty-four percent said that they would share data if it meant that their overall costs would fall.

Of course, for this to be done safely and securely, new and better technologies will be required. Care providers and medical technology companies are willing to invest in devices and tools that allow doctors to be more flexible about how they offer care. Many will come to Sozo Design for help.

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