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How can science improve design?

At Sozo Design, we're always looking to improve our design capabilities. So we were interested to see a recent list compiled by Fast Company that discussed several recent scientific innovations that designers could learn from.

Did you know that the human brain may, in fact, have evolved to appreciate curved objects? In a recent study, one researcher suggested that, compared to sharp edges, curves appear to be non-threatening—something that would have appealed to ancient humans and that which still stays with us today.

Color is also much more crucial to design that we ever knew. The news source cites graphic designer Paula Rupolo, who noticed that when famous brands swap their colors with each other, viewers tend to be confused. This just highlights the importance of consistency in labeling.

Finally, good design has been known to save lives. Medical errors kill thousands every year, but when doctors are equipped with medical stations that contain everything they need in one place, their error rates tend to drop. All it takes is a little planning and some additional foresight.

Our desire for self-improvement is what has allowed us to create a number of useful products for our clients. One example is the Orbit trackball mouse that we created for the Kensington Technology Group. It's ambidextrous design allows for easy use, while its lower production costs keep it competitive in a crowded market. We have also done notable work for the medical industry. Prospective clients who want products that are sleek, yet functional, should seek out our services

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