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How did fast food advance in 2013?

People have increasingly busy lives, and they don't want to slow down to eat. As such, restaurants have spent the past year trying to develop options for those of us who prefer to chow down while on the go.

A recent article on Business Insider highlights some of the most interesting inventions that have emerged as a result of this competition.

For example, some major fast food chains are experimenting with changes in how they serve breakfast. Obviously, there is a large market for people who want to buy a quick breakfast. So it is no surprise that Taco Bell has expanded its menu of breakfast items to be available nationwide. Of note is the Waffle Taco, which combines breakfast staples like eggs and cheese into a unique wrap. Not to be outdone, McDonald's has gone so far as to sell popular breakfast items like the Egg McMuffin late at night on the regular menu as part of the "McDonald's After Midnight" campaign. CEO Don Thompson told the news source that the chain may eventually start serving breakfast all day.

Casual dining chain restaurants are doing their best to stay ahead of the curve. Applebee's may have beaten out the competition by installing tablets in its franchises that would eliminate the need for customers to wait for the check. Many diners have found the old practice to be tiresome, and look forward to it being phased out.

At Sozo Design, we have done our own share of innovative work in the field of fast food. Our Mega Bite, created for 7-Eleven, provides a fresh deli sandwich in a convenient package. We offer our clients a way to bring their ideas to life. This is an example of simple yet effective innovation—in this case the experience of eating on the go—that we provide to our existing and prospective clients.

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