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Could this product be the future of urban travel?

Cities are facing numerous problems when it comes to transportation. Thanks to increasing populations, traffic congestion is a growing concern, both due to the increase in commuting times and the effect that gridlocked cars have on air pollution.

A number of solutions have been proposed to combat this problem. Some say more public transportation is needed. Others want to see redesigned roads that have a larger capacity for cars. But the one aspect both proposals have in common is that they require time, tremendous effort and a significant amount of money. 

Is there a better way? Maybe individuals need to figure out ways to get around that don't require cars. Luckily, innovators are always experimenting with smaller vehicles that will leave less of a footprint.

For example, a vehicle startup named Lit Motors is working on a device called the Kubo. According to an article on Fast Company, the C1 is a two-wheeled device that "is designed for people who like to ride bicycles and motorcycles, but also need to carry stuff around." They can do this by using the rails and hooks that are included with the vehicle.

Unlike a typical motorcycle, the Kubo is all electric and is capable of reaching speeds of 45 miles per hour. It has an effective range of about 50 miles, making it most suitable for short trips. Luckily, users can plug the vehicle into any wall outlet.

Is this the future of urban travel? Perhaps, only time will tell.

At Sozo Design, we have experience in the transportation industry. We have developed first-class cabin concepts for airliners and assisted with interior space design and ergonomic placement of the operator's area and fare boxes for clients in the public transportation space. Innovation moves constantly, and we're here to help companies keep up with the pace of change.

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