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What innovations do you want to see in the future?

As this blog has mentioned in several posts, this year has seen some interesting innovations. From smart glasses to highly tactile gloves, designers are coming up with new ways to solve problems without compromising form or function.

What will the new year bring? Though it is is difficult—if not impossible—to predict the future, it is still interesting to consider what sort of product advancements consumers are looking for. Recently, NPR compiled a series of responses from readers and listeners about what they wanted to see in the near future.

One person suggested a self-polarizing car window, adding that it would "reduce the glare or intensity of sunlight that distracts drivers during driving in the direction of the sun-setting, not to mention decrease the premature ageing of long-haul trucks drivers." The technology would be similar to that found in self-polarizing glasses—shading when sunlight is present and then clearing up when it is not.

Another person thought that there might be a market for expandable plastic containers. It is certainly frustrating when you are trying to store some food in the refrigerator but cannot seem to locate the lid for your container. However, a stretchable lid would fit any size container.

Finally, someone wished for a series of vents built into the floor by the front door that would automatically suck dirt and dust off a person's shoes. Though motorized shoe cleaners do exist, this proposal is meant to fit seamlessly with the floor.

Some of these are examples of ideas that we at Sozo Design provide for our clients in a variety of markets on a day-to-day basis. We further develop and bring these ideas to life via products that are beautiful, sleek yet supremely functional.

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