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Food monitor can tell you exactly what you are eating

Have you ever wondered what was in your food? Wish you could immediately tell how many calories were in that dessert? One interesting innovation that popped up at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) may have an answer.

According to an article on Fast Company, the TellSpec laser scanner is capable of determining the ingredients of any food it is pointed at.

It may sound impossible, but the concept this device is based on is known as raman spectroscopy. This refers to the use of a laser to measure molecular vibrations, which can be used to determine what something is.

The author of the Fast Company article, John Boitnott, explained how during his CES demonstration, the creators of the device were able to break down the different ingredients in processed foods, such as potato chips. it even identified artificial colors like Yellow No. 5.

Of course, the device is still being worked on and cannot identify everything. Isabel Hoffman, the founder of TellSpec, told Boitnott that the laser scanner is not accurate enough to be recommended for finding allergens.

"Right now the algorithm works very well tabulating carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and calories," she said. "But we are very concerned with the allergies that we may not track down enough parts per million yet."

But, there is still time. For now, TellSpec is focused on growing its food database and figuring out a way to bring the device to the mass market.

At Sozo Design, we applaud this effort to bring something so radically new to kitchens everywhere. We also strive to take brand new ideas and design them for consumers.

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