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Researchers working on smaller, more efficient laptop charger

Laptops are highly convenient devices that allow us to tap into the power of a powerful computer even when on the go. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for most laptop chargers.

These devices tend to be bulky and inefficient, losing energy to heat that could have been used to charge your device. Luckily, a group of innovators have been working on a way to improve the laptop charger and make sure we all have enough power when we need it.

According to a recent article on the MIT Technology Review, a new startup called FINsix has developed a charger that is 75 percent smaller than most adapters on the market. At the same time, it is far more powerful. As a 65-watt device, it can actually charge multiple devices at once.

This is possible thanks to a new circuit design created by MIT professor David Perreault. It allows electronic devices to manipulate electricity in such a way that results in better efficiency.

FINsix took this technology and created a way to utilize a significant amount of the energy that is typically lost in normal chargers. In fact, the article notes that the new charger uses frequencies that are 1,000 times higher than those used by standard adapters.

At Sozo Design, we appreciate that a giant leap is being made in this field. We have a history of developing improved high-tech devices, such as the Orbit, an ambidextrous trackball mouse created for the Kensington Technology Group which uses a scroll ring for fast, easy scrolling of web pages and documents.

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