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The health care industry needs innovation

At Sozo Design, we have done a significant amount of work in the field of health care innovation. That's because health care is changing rapidly, and it is crucial that hospitals stay on the cutting edge of treatment methods.

As many Americans are aware, the cost of health care in this country is quite high. Some argue that we need to fast-track new innovations that can improve care quality without raising costs—or even while lowering them.

A recent article on The Hill explained that the cost of new medical innovations is high, and that it takes a great deal of time before they can be brought to market. This seems to apply uniformly to both devices and medicines. In fact, the article notes that it can cost more than $1 billion to develop a single new drug over the course of a decade.

Of course, medical innovations are supposed to take a significant amount of time. Numerous tests need to be done to ensure that these breakthroughs will actually help patients, rather than hurt them. Industry insiders need to work with academics who have spent years studying these issues in order to develop effective solutions. Regulators also need to play a role to keep the process moving.

We at Sozo Design have done our part to contribute to this field. We've worked with companies like Varian Medical Systems, for which we developed the Trilogy. This device, which includes an integrated electronic portable image system, allows users to perform advanced, computer-driven IMRT treatments.

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