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Apple gets set to unveil latest iPad design

Sometimes, good design requires the use of popular concepts in unique or refined ways. Few products have taken advantage of this strategy the way Apple's iPad has. 

Originally modeled to look like a larger version of the popular iPhone, the iPad has since evolved to lead the burgeoning tablet market, which is slowly encroaching on the market for PCs and laptop computers. Apple did this by taking its own design and refining it for consumers, many of whom had never used or even seen a tablet before.

Soon, the company will be refining one of its flagship devices yet again. The company is rumored to unveil the latest version of the iPad and iPad mini at an official press event on Oct. 22. While no one knows for sure exactly what these products will look like, The Verge has compiled a whole host of rumors to give readers a glimpse. 

So far, according to this article, the latest iPad is likely to resemble a scaled up version of the popular mini, except it will have a 9.7 inch screen instead of one measuring 7.9 inches. However, the device itself is expected to look smaller, with less material surrounding the screen itself. In addition, both tablets look to have a more rectangular shape, leading them to resemble closed Macbook Pros when upside down.

Will it be a radical change? Probably not, even if Apple chooses to install its now-famous fingerprint scanner on the devices. But their purpose is not to create large changes. Rather, they must be recognizable to consumers while also offering improved experiences that go above and beyond what users of current tablets have been used to.

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