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LG introduces self-healing, curved smartphone

Occasionally, tech writers will lament about how the design of smartphones has changed remarkably little since the first iPhone was revealed in 2007. Whether they are made by Apple or not, nearly all of the most popular phone models consist of a vertical rectangular touch screen and, depending on the brand, a face button and one or two side buttons. Most of what has changed in the past several years has been related to software and internal hardware improvements.

However, it appears that LG is taking steps to change some of the most fundamental aspects of all smartphones.

First, there is their flat appearance. Due to the rigid nature of their device-spanning touchscreens, these phones are made to be straight. So, with the help of OLED screen technology, LG set out to make the world's first curved smartphone. According to an article on The Verge, the G Flex curves horizontally to create what LG calls "better ergonomics" for phone calls, as well as better experience watching videos horizontally.

Another aspect that LG seeks to change is that fragile nature of many phones. The G Flex, however, contains a "self-healing" back. Using a protective film, the phone has the ability to recover from small scratches that many users tend to accumulate from daily use. LG played up this feature in a press release by comparing the phone to Wolverine, the X-Men character who is known for his own rapid healing abilities.

If successful, these changes have the potential to change the trajectory of the smartphone industry and beyond. At Sozo Design we get thrilled about the possibilities of future products making use of these new and upcoming innovations. These technologies open the door to a number of new products and ideas which will leave an indelible mark on the market.

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