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Apple Macintosh turns 30

On January 24, 1984, Apple launched the Macintosh computer and kicked off a new era in personal computing. The industry hasn't been the same since.

It is easy for us to forget how transformative that product launch was at the time. Compared to the powerful smartphones that nearly all of us carry, the first Macintosh—later known as the Macintosh 128K—seems quaint. And yet, while it is true that personal computing power has advanced by leaps and bound during the past thirty years, the original Macintosh introduced the computing world to a number of innovations that are still indispensable to this day.

After all, what would we have done without the mouse? Though it seems ubiquitous now, there was a time when computers had no such method of interaction.

And, of course, there was the Macintosh's graphical interface. Though primitive by today's standards, the operating system used at the time was a revolution. It allowed users to visualize what they were doing in a way that no other computer had achieved. While most interfaces were primarily based on text, the Macintosh used a rudimentary version of the file system that is still in use today. Instead of typing commands, users were able to click on icons.

The first Macintosh was truly an innovative product that pushed the rest of the industry to move forward. At Sozo Design, we think highly of Apple's accomplishments and it pushes us to make a similar impact in our industry with our own fresh, "think different" approach to innovation.

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