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Wireless charging: Is it the future?

If you keep losing the charging cord to your phone, you may be in luck. The next big innovation in mobile technology appears to be inductive, or "wireless" charging.

The technology works by having an electromagnetic field transfer energy between two points—in this case, a charging station and a smartphone. Though issues of cost and inefficiency have thus far prevented the technology from replacing the wires we all use, that may be changing in the near future.

After all, wireless charging, if done properly, carries a number of benefits. The chance of water corrosion or even electric shock is much lower, since there are no exposed conductors. it is also much more convenient for a consumer to place his or her phone down on a flat surface and have it begin to charge automatically, without the need to plug in.

According to findings by Pike Research, the wireless charging market is expected to hit almost $12 billion by 2020. Major smartphone makers, such as Samsung, have hinted that future models of their flagship phones will include this technology. And as it becomes more popular in phones, it is clear that consumers will eventually demand it to be implemented in other common household devices.

At Sozo Design, we are always keeping a close eye on the electronics market to see where it is heading. Wireless charging promises to be an important shift away from the status quo, and one that will lead to an entirely new generation of devices. This is exciting for us, as we will get the opportunity to interact with these electrifying new technologies.

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