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Small team tries to redesign the mobile calendar

The calendar as we know it hasn't undergone many radical changes since the Julian calendar was replaced by the Gregorian calendar in 1582. Even now, in an age of smartphones, our calendars still look about the same as they did when they were on paper. Open up your iPhone calendar, for example, and you'll still see a grid of months and days.

The best innovators look at aspects of our lives that have not changed in some time and ask if they can do better. According to a recent article on Fast Company, a team of designers has sought to completely overhaul the calendars on our smartphones.

Yes, the number of days will stay the same, and February will continue to get the short shrift. Rather, these designers have created Peek, an app that brings a minimalist sheen to the calendar.

Instead of being based on a grid, the days on this calendar app are arranged in a colorful list. Tap on one, and tiles fold out that contain information about what you have scheduled for that particular day. In a way, they resemble Post-it notes. Designer Amid Moradganjeh told the news source that Peek is not designed for heavy calendar users, but rather those who have everyday events that they need to do.

"For this group, if using a calendar app is not easier than remembering things or writing them on a piece of paper, then they would not use it," he told the news source.

With Sozo Design being a full product development consultancy, we deal with the whole experience of hardware design, user experience, and product interaction. We respect the desire for innovation and design effort that went into Peek, and we are always interested in seeing how old ideas are made new and are transformed into the next big thing.

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