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When innovating, always keep improving

Sometimes, your first attempt at a new innovative product may be good, but it won't be great. Rather than give up and go home, you need to try again.

Consider the story of the Ouya.

For years, the video game home console business has been dominated by three companies: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. However, technology has reached the point where other startups began to show an interest in entering the market.

In 2012, a group of individuals went on Kickstarter to raise funds for what they called the Ouya. Billed as an affordable, customizable game console, Ouya promised to run the Android operating system and play a wide variety of games.

It did live up to this promise, but only somewhat. When the first consoles were released, customers complained about hardware issues, such as problems with Wi-Fi connectivity and a poorly designed controller. Questions were also raised about the quality of games available.

As one review on CNet noted, "Despite its low price and free-to-try system, the Ouya fails to reach its potential as a disruptive alternative platform."

But the developers were not done yet. Just recently, they announced a redesigned Ouya console. Though slightly more expensive, this version promises a better controller, more system memory and several other fixes.

Will it be enough to win over gamers? That has yet to be seen. However, the designers have shown that they are willing to put in the work to keep improving this device. Considering how much hardware we work with at Sozo Design, we applaud this effort and believe it is vital to the innovation process.

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