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Need help innovating? Get in the right mindset

Innovation is as much about hard work as it is about that brilliant idea you get while in the shower. That's why it's important for innovators to be in the right mindset when working on the next big thing.

That mindset will protect innovators from spending too much time on fruitless projects. According to a recent post on the Harvard Business Review blog, one of the first steps that should be taken on any project is the narrowing of ideas. Not everything that looked great on the drawing board will play out well in the real world, and the ideas that seem to work the least should be treated accordingly before precious resources are spent on them.

How does one tell if an idea is a good one? There are several ways. In the business world, innovators must decide whether the plans line up with the company's purpose and abilities. They must weigh the risks against the potential benefits.

"Dare to seize the opportunities that meet these criteria," the post on Harvard Business Review read. "Create mechanisms to seed fund and resource the right opportunities."

From that point on, it's time to work hard to bring the ideas to life. The best way to foster a quality work environment is to encourage resourcefulness among employees and focus on results, rather than the process. 

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