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Could a better pill box improve medical care?

According to a 2009 study conducted by the New England Healthcare Institute, medical nonadherence—which occurs when patients do not followed their prescribed treatment regimens—costs the U.S. as much as $290 billion per year.

There are many reasons for this, but one contributing factor is that our method of delivering prescription drugs has changed little over the years. 

Consider the common pill container. Since the addition of the child-proof screw top, little about this device has changed in many years. Though it is labeled with a few basic instructions about when patients should take their medication, it does little more than that.

According to a recent article on The Verge, a Massachusetts-based company called PillPack is seeking to change that. With $4 million in funding, the company wants to offer what is, in effect, a pharmacy service. But it will be more advanced than anything currently offered.

Patients who subscribe to the service will receive all of their medications in the form of convenient, individual packets that are labeled with the date, time and the specific contents inside. This will make it easier for patients to remember to take their most important medications. The packets even come in a square, recyclable dispenser, leading to an overall package that exudes a minimalist design.

At Sozo Design, we understand the importance of useable medical technology, thanks to our work experience on a wide range of medical devices. We take that understanding to create products and experiences that fulfill innovative functions and are at the forefront with ingenious aesthetics.

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