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When innovating, focus on creating new experiences.

Innovative product design is important. Any company that seeks to carve a space for itself in the market needs to sell unique products that will immediately stand out to consumers.

However, this is not always easy to do in some industries. For example, computer and mobile device manufacturers are adept at keeping up with each other's best features, making it difficult for any one manufacturer to distinguish itself. If one smartphone has something that is new or innovative, one can expect to see something similar on competing models within a year.

What can manufacturers do to make their products stand out? A recent article on Fast Company recommends a different tactic: rather than focus on new features, they should invest in innovative experiences. 

What does this mean? The article talks about shaping the "customer journey," or the path by which people find these products and interact with them.

For example, there's Uber, the growing car service that lets customers request rides via smartphone.

"Uber didn't change the vehicle or retrain drivers, but fundamentally changed how you order, meet, and pay for a car," the article reads. "By taking a broader view of what a car service could be, Uber was able to reimagine the entire experience—offering 'relentless reliability,' and a seamless system that addresses many hassles such as long wait time, not having cash, losing recipients, etc."

At Sozo Design, we do not only strive to develop unique products. We also aim to create new experiences that will appeal to customers and markets in new and unique ways.

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