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Sony highlights unique attributes of MP3 player

MP3 players have not gotten a lot of love in recent years. First, the Apple iPod fostered mass interest in the devices, only to utterly dominate the market and practically shut out any meaningful competition. Then, smartphones entered the fray and further cut down on MP3 sales. Finally, the rise of streaming services like Pandora and Spotify offered consumers a convenient alternative.

Given the current state of the market, is it still possible to find any innovation in the MP3 player space? According to a recent article on The Verge, there is.

It's easy to forget about the Sony Walkman, the little music machine with a proud history. First a popular cassette tape player and then a CD player, the device is now an affordable MP3 player. Though it still lives in the shadow of more powerful devices, many consumers forget about some of the innovations that it brings to the table.

For example, the article in The Verge focuses on the W Series Walkman, which is designed to be waterproof. This is not merely a safety measure. While many electronic devices are designed to function after a certain amount of submersion, the W Series Walkman goes above and beyond.

To highlight this, Sony is attempting a new marketing strategy in New Zealand. The company will package its new products in a water bottle—which will be completely filled with water while it is on store shelves. In some cases, Sony will even sell the product in special vending machines.

Though we might not want to drink the water, we at Sozo Design, being a multidisciplinary agency appreciate the effort that goes into not just the design of the product but also its brilliant marketing campaign.

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