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Designer creates a door like you’ve never seen before

The best innovators know that any product can be improved—even those that have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years.

Consider the door. People have been using doors in homes and buildings for centuries. Though the methods of opening and locking these doors have changed, the basic principal—a slab of wood, metal, glass or a composite material that can swing in one or both directions—remains the same.

But while this is a perfectly functional design, it is not without drawbacks. Doors swing at a wide angle and can make small rooms feel even more cramped when they open. And sometimes they simply don't fit the overall style of the building.

That's why Austrian artist Klemens Torggler sought to create an entirely new door design. As described by a recent article on Slate, the "Evolution Door," as it is called, does not swing open, but rather folds.

How? The door is comprised of four folding triangles that, in turn, form two squares. As a user pulls the door to the right, the triangles fold slightly, allowing both squares to turn. This smooth motion lets the door open and close without swinging outward.

Torggler has a long history of creating "flip panel" door prototypes, but his most recent creation is his most polished.

Though so far it seems to be more of an experiment than an actual product being made ready for market, it shows that even the most common object can be changed in innovative ways. We bring this mindset to the creative work we carry out at Sozo Design.

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