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New season of ‘Shark Tank’ showcases innovation

Fans of the ABC show "Shark Tank" love the opportunity to some of the brilliant (and not-so-brilliant) ideas that aspiring entrepreneurs present to the show's judges. The show returned on Friday for its fifth season, and much of the buzz before the episode surrounded Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner appearing together on the panel for the first time.

However, the innovations quickly stole the show.

Here are some of the highlights, courtesy of

  • Postcard on the Run is an interesting take on an idea that has been floating around for some time: combine the latest smartphone technology with old-fashioned physical mail. After all, people love to get postcards in the mail, but sending them can be a hassle. Postcard on the Run attempts to make the process sleeker and more user-friendly.
  • Sweet Ballz is the name of a cake ball business that specializes in—surprise—cake balls. They are apparently quite good, and come in three flavors: red velvet, cookies & cream and chocolate. Despite the simple product, Sweet Ballz seems poised for greater success—they already have a deal with 7-Eleven, with whom Sozo Design has worked in the past, on the PJ Roll and Mega Bite .
  • Not all of the innovations were that innovative. RoloDoc, for example, wants to be the rolodex of the digital age by allowing patients an easy way to communicate with doctors. The problem, of course, is that patients already have myriad ways to speak with their doctors, and one more will only add to confusion—not something you want a medical practitioner to experience.

Shark Tank just shows that ideas for innovative products are everywhere, being developed by both individuals and businesses. Both could always benefit from looking to Sozo Design for help with new product design.

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