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The difficulties of innovating as a startup

It's the best of times and the worst of times for tech startups. 

On one hand, large companies like Apple, Google and Samsung have provided a number of different platforms that are ripe for third-party app development, and the possibilities for monetization are endless. In fact, one could argue that startups have never before had such an opportunity to integrate new hardware with digital services. 

On the other hand, startups are facing incredible pressure, especially on the hardware side. 

These startups—usually consisting of small teams—are tasked with developing a new product design and manufacturing something that will be useable and attractive to consumers. On top of that, they must figure out a way to brand and market the new product, often on a limited budget. Without a large amount of investor cash, most startups find it difficult to rely on focus groups and other resources that larger companies use on a regular basis.

Luckily, Sozo Design specializes in helping startups create products that stand out in the market. Sleek, yet useable, this is hardware that most customers have never seen before, yet will recognize from the moment they pick it up and try to use it.

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