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What do businesses need to innovate? Human capital

Ask someone about the biggest challenges facing companies now, and most might say money. Without money, it's difficult, if not downright impossible, to invest in innovative products. As a result, the current product line stagnates and competitors rush in to fill the gap and, eventually, dominate the market.

Sounds like a big problem. But what if we told you that corporations faced an even larger challenge? It's not just capital. It's human capital.

Without the right level of talent in an organization, companies will fail to pursue innovative growth strategies. Harvard Business Review contributor Eddie Yoon worries that this could be a growing trend.

"Just this year I've spoken to more than three CEOs who are excited about huge opportunities for category creation or big innovation, but each is stuck figuring out how to staff it," he wrote.

It's not easy.

As Yoon points out, projects can be difficult to staff for long periods of time. Sometimes the most key members of the team chose other job prospects before it is over. In response, businesses need to be constantly on the lookout for the best talent to make sure that their project stays on track.

Yoon suggests that websites like LinkedIn help out by highlighting recently completed projects as part of a person's profile. That way, employers can easily see who has experience with consumer product development.

Meanwhile, at Sozo Design, we work with companies to develop the best products for the market. We provide years of expertise to guide our partners, making it easier for them to succeed even while they search for new talent. We represent the best, new talent for companies that are looking for development partners.

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