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Strong enough to be a cutting board, powerful enough to be a tablet

At Sozo Design, we've worked with a number of clients to create products that can be used with tablet computers to make them more durable. For example, we worked with NYSE Euronext to create the armor case for tablet PCs used by stock brokers on Wall Street. We also worked with Fujitsu Limited to make a case for the Fujitsu LifeBook. We know it is not easy to make effective cases for tablets—they must be able to adequately protect the hardware without impeding ease of use.

We also know that, when done right, the results can be revolutionary.

For example, many tablet owners like to use their devices to search for recipes. After all, it's a sensible task for a portable tool. However, not everyone wants to leave their fragile, expensive tablet too close to food and kitchen utensils. That's a recipe for disaster. 

To solve the problem, one Falmouth University student named Siobhán Andrews created something called the "Chop-Syc"  for a Sharp Labs competition. The Chop-Syc is a Wi-Fi enabled tablet that also doubles as a cutting board. The screen is strong enough to withstand being repeatedly chopped with a knife, while still displaying all the information a cook needs.

In addition, the Chop-Syc includes a built-in scale, a tool to adjust portion sizes and a recipe-saving function. At the same time, it maintains a slim appearance, rather than the bulk that is often associated with tablets in protective cases.

An article in The Verge describes this device as a way to tackle the obesity epidemic, by making home cooking more convenient. But the Chop-Syc is simply a piece of innovation that will offer people an extra dose of convenience, even if they didn't realize they wanted it in the first place.

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