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Scandinavian designers seek to deliver a sleek chair in America

How do you successfully incorporate two separate design influences into one final product? At Sozo Design, we understand how difficult this challenge can be. We often work with clients who attempt to incorporate different influences in one design without losing sight of what the end product should be.

This was the challenge faced by Øyvind Wyller, Simen Aarseth and Christoffer Angell, three designers who sought to create a chair for the American market that was inspired by classic Scandinavian design.

According to an article in Fast Company, Scandinavian designers tend to gravitate toward minimalist creations that still maintain a high level of functionality.

Named for their home city, the Oslo Chair is relatively simple, with a short walnut wood frame and a simple cushion that almost seems to drape over the chair.

"This is a typical Scandinavian chair," Wyller told Fast Company. "It's slim and lightweight. The cushion in the back gives the chair layers and shades for the light to play with. It is clothed in a way. This also gives interior designers possibilities to specify several different fabrics on the same chair."

Wyller added that the comfortable cushion was created specifically for the American market, which emphasizes an enjoyable sitting experience.

"By hanging it the way we did, the chair gets a characteristic look," he said. "I think people will be surprised when they sit down."

However, the article adds that, unlike a standard easy chair, this model retains an aspect of Scandinavian efficiency. Since the bottom of the chair is open, it is easy to clean the floor underneath.

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