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As price of technology falls, design is more important than ever

The cost of technology has dropped dramatically. Computers that would have cost thousands of dollars only a decade or two before can now be had for hundreds, all while providing exponentially more processing power and a significantly improved interface. In more recent years, even smartphones have come to surpass the power of older computers—and are rapidly gaining on newer models—at a fraction of the price.

As a result of this, a growing number of small startups have access to technology like never before. Increasingly, these groups—and not larger tech companies—are responsible for today's more interesting innovations.

A recent article on GigaOM explains that as the cost of development drops, so does the importance of hardware power. Instead, developers are competing on design.

"Instagram didn't rocket into a billion dollar company and get acquired by Facebook because it was the first company to make a mobile photo sharing app," the article read. "Hundreds of companies had tried that for years before.

"Its success came because Instagram was able to craft a photo-sharing experience that its users fell in love with—an emotional connection," the article added.

A similar case could be made for the Macbook Air, one of Apple's popular laptop offerings. Though it contains lower specs and less RAM and storage space than many competing PCs on the market, the computer's sleek design and thin, lightweight profile has won over thousands of customers.

It is more important than ever for those in the field of technology to consider design. That's why Sozo Design works with clients to emphasize this area. By creating products that resonate with the consumer in new and unique ways, companies can succeed in a competitive marketplace.

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