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Innovation can happen in many circumstances

At Sozo Design, we understand the rules for innovation are not hard and fast by any means. Sometimes, the latest and greatest product is created by a small team. Other times, it requires a large corporation.

A recent article in the Financial Times examines some of the many circumstances in which innovation can happen.

Sometimes, groups rely on flexibility. "Processes don't get people excited," consultant Michel van Hove of Strategos said. It can't be taken too far in this direction, since too much freedom can make employees lazy. But just enough may result in the best atmosphere for creativity.

Along that same vein, sometimes the best products are created when the developers have a small budget. Frugality forces people to think creatively, and it may foster more innovation than the seemingly unlimited resources of large corporations.

It is often thought that "loyalty breeds complacency." However, this may not be the case. Though employees may not always be motivated to work as hard when their friends run the company, it is generally unwise to let long-time employees go. On the other hand, a constant cycle of new workers will only slow down the innovation process.

Finally, it is important to remember that innovation actually comes in many forms. Often, it is about technology. But as the article points out, companies like Amazon have done just as much to revitalize business practices that had grown stale or outdated over the years. There is always room to change something.

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