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Develop ideas before attending brainstorming sessions

Businesses often use brainstorming meetings to develop new ideas for the future. At first glance, this seems like a a wise strategy. Collaboration is often ideal for creativity, as it allows people with completely different perspectives to bounce ideas off the wall until something fits.

But there is also a problem with these types of meetings. Anyone who has ever developed a new product knows that creativity cannot be made to work on a schedule. Sometimes the best ideas strike at the least opportune moments, like on the train, or in the shower. Few employees would want to hold a brainstorming meeting in their shower.

A recent article on Lifehacker comes across a simple solution. The story quotes Mikael Cho, who wrote a blog post titled "The myth of the brainstorming session." He suggests that innovators come up with their own ideas on their own time. They can then write these down or just let them bounce around in their head—as long as they don't forget about them.

Then, after they have been allowed to develop for some time, the innovators can bring them to company meetings. 

The reason is that starting meetings from scratch often puts pressure on participants to shout out many different ideas in order to feel like they are doing their part. While this may make for lively meetings, there is little guarantee that any of these ideas are good ones. 

At Sozo Design, our clients come to us with visions of what they want their products to be. We then work with them to bring these ideas to life.

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