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Apple set to upstage competitors with innovative product design

VentureBeat recently took an in-depth look at some of the inner workings of the iPhone 5S. The publication noted that although there has been much excitement about the new A7 chip, the M7 processor could turn out to be "more disruptive."

The M7 reportedly makes use of the motion data generated by the iPhone's sensors to reduce the rate of battery drain by allowing the iPhone to obtain data more efficiently and to ping its cellular network less frequently. It can even distinguish whether its user is walking, running or driving, which could make it a major factor in the design of new digital health applications.

As VentureBeat noted, many of the current applications used to track a person's movements drain batteries too quickly to be useful for the kind of full-time lifestyle monitoring that would make them truly useful in delivering better health care. With the battery-extending M7 processor and the array of precise sensors loaded into the iPhone 5S, users could generate a previously unthinkable amount of information regarding their daily activity patterns.

"This information could be used by the health plans, in aggregated form, to better analyze what their users are doing and more accurately adjust rates and plans," VentureBeat explained. "Providers, physicians and exchanges can use the sensor data to have better context in delivering timely interventions that result in higher engagement and efficacy."

This is great news — unless you happen to make one of the products that is being eclipsed by the iPhone. There are a number of companies that could be in trouble as a result of Apple's innovation, which provides a compelling example of how design often has such a significant influence on the success or failure of a product.

At Sozo Design, we like to work with clients that are disruptive in the marketplace. Apple is a great example, as its willingness to break from the norm powers new ideas that give birth to intuitive, effective and beautiful products, which are not just competitive but are the leaders in the marketplace.

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