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‘Smart glasses’ makes finding a vein much easier

Even a skilled nurse can often have trouble finding a patient's vein. When this happens during a simple blood test, the result is little extra pain on the part of the patient and plenty of annoyance to go around. However, when a patient needs an intravenous drip, it is crucial that nurses get the procedure right.

The problem is that some people have veins that are hard to see under any circumstances. Luckily, a new innovation in medical technology may be able to help.

According to a recent article on Engadget, Evena Medical has created a new model of "smart glasses" known as Eyes-On. These devices were made to make it much easier for those wearing them to see patient veins.

At Sozo Design, we've done a lot of work creating innovative medical devices. For example, the Trilogy, created for Varian Medical Systems, allowed users to conduct advanced computer-driven IMRT treatments thanks to its integrated electronic portal imaging system.

The Eyes-On is capable of overlaying a 3D blood vessel map on a patient's arm, making it much easier for a nurse to decide which vein is the best candidate. The end result is that nurses are better able to insert an IV properly the first time, without hurting the patient. In addition, the glasses contain internal storage for digital pictures and photos of the patient's arm.

The design of the Eyes-On makes them easy to use and offers nurses much better functionality than they would have without them. At Sozo, we also strive to create innovative and useful devices for our clients in the medical industry.

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