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Sozo Design is a San Francisco based design firm that offers a full range of research, design and engineering services to create innovative products that help drive the core value of your business.

Sozo creates the customer experiences that are at the center of your customer relationships. The thousands of daily experiences, the moments that define your brand value, drive your business, and ultimately your bottom line.

We create exceptional, brand-defining experiences that build value for global, Fortune 50 to mid-sized companies and startups who seek expertise in design and innovation management, as well as off-shore leverage in development and production.

Our brand-enriching product development and marketing programs aim to deliver more profitable customer experiences.

Sozo solutions provide you with out-of-box…
Creativity: to energize your investment
Products: to extend you brand’s value
Experiences: to deepen your connection with your customer

Whether it is developing your new breakaway product, updating your product's design or unifying the look and feel across your product line, or extending the line you have. You need a partner who will help you break out of the box.

We craft your Experience and Brand Value providing brand-building moments, cool and enabling innovation, and magnetic aesthetics.

Our Breadth of Design Style; From red-hot consumer to hip commercial to rock solid industrial makes us the right partner for any design challenge.

Our multi-disciplinary local and offshore team provides you with a unique means to maximize the top-line and bottom-line of your investment. We also help you extend your capabilities. You need a partner to help you leverage your in-house capabilities. We are that partner!

SOZO blends the focus and discipline of a special-forces unit with the creative inspiration of a rock band. Sprinkle in abundant experience with some of the most notable innovations in the past 20 years and bottom line, the team delivers exceptional value, performance and products to all its clients.


SOZO's global reach improves your brand's touch.

Our team's portfolio of experience include working with Compaq, HP, Nike, Kensington, NYSE Euronext, Motorola, Intel, Coherent Medical Group, Interval Research, Gravis, Samsung, Fujitsu, Varian Medical Systems, Razer, Wild Planet Toys, and Upek, to name a few.

SOZO's creative team has been recognized with awards from ID magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America.


Creating experiences through design.

We believe that brand experiences should be empowering and if appropriate, fun, visually appealing and tactfully inviting. They should leverage human intuition and be deja vu-like in usability. And they must be reliable and dependable to enable them to become core components of your customers lifestyle, work style, or play style.


Experiences that physically speak to you and your customers.

Our Quality of Experience brand design approach integrates the acquisition of market, product and customer knowledge with a creatively inspired value and product sculpting process to develop valuable brand experiences.

1. Market, Customer and Product Knowledge
The foundation of our vault of knowledge is the collective portfolio of experience our team has in a myriad of industries and markets. We constantly challenge and add to this through our client engagements and research.

• Market Research
• Design Research
• User Research - Ethnographic
• Concept Testing and Focus Groups
• Quality of Experience Product Testing

2. Concept Development and Brand Experience Design
We create brand-defining moments by leveraging our expertise in usability and experience design by exploring usage process and environments to identify opportunities and pitfalls.

• Concept Explorations
• New Product Category, OEM platforms
• Licensed Products
• Creative Team Catalyst
• Brand Identity Design Language for Product line Unification and Extension

3. Product Development, Prototyping and Production
In addition to in-house CAD capabilities we have a network of local and offshore mechanical and electrical engineering firms and prototyping and production partners.

• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Appearance Models and Prototyping
• Metal Stamping and Injection Molding

4. Integrated Marketing Campaign Planning and Launching
From guerilla to prime-time, and from button-down corporate to video games, our team knows how to drive your marketing and sales process and get your message across.

• Identity
• Packaging, Collateral and Ads
• Trade Shows Presence
• Websites and Online Programs



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